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Mr.Leather Hamburg 2022

How did you come up with the idea of running for office?

One of my best friends used to be Mister Leather Hamburg and he now describes it as his “best” year yet. Mainly because of the great people and the new experiences he was able to experience that year. The contact with like-minded people from all over Germany and even Europe as well as the closer cooperation with the Hamburg scene have had a big impact on him. And that's exactly what I wanted when I finally decided to run for office. I wanted to experience all that too, of course. Even if the concern for the public almost slowed me down. Will this harm me professionally, family, financially? In the end I gathered my courage and focused on the positive and said yes. In the course of the candidacy and now a week after the election, I also notice that it's not just about the fun topics. With the sash comes great responsibility and duty, as I now feel. And that's just as well.

What do you want to achieve for the fetish community?


I want to achieve two things. The first is an affair of the heart: I would like to encourage other boys, men, maybe one or two women to live out their hobbies, passions and fetishes, as long as it's legal, of course. It doesn't matter whether someone likes high heels, garden gnomes, leather, rubber, puppy masks, suits, whatever. Doesn't matter! As a leather man, I can say for myself that it takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and say: I like this, this is me and this is how I show myself to the world. For me it was a process that started when I was 21 and little by little I got out of myself. And now it's just more fun to accept and love me for who I am. I would like to pass this message on and hopefully inspire one or the other person. It also took courage for me and it was worth it!
My second goal is to continue the work to give visibility to the Hamburg leather scene. Years ago thousands of guys came to party on the ship annually. Unfortunately, those times are over. I wish that Hamburg would find its role in the scene again and that the local scene would strengthen and come together more closely. And there's something happening! Since November I have founded the "Leather Social Hamburg" with my good friend Arian and it is simply well received! In January we were almost 50 leather guys there. This simply shows that such a format was missing in the city. I am so grateful that the leather men come to the social in such large numbers, so openly and so chic in leather


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Mr.Fetisch 2023

I'm Steven am 29 years young.
I am the new Mister Fetish Hamburg 2023.
I really like the fetish of rubber and leather, sneakers and sox and sportswear, but I have NEVER dared to go out the door with them.

Last year 2022 I had the courage to want to take to the streets with rubber for the first time and I did it. It was my first time on the Folsom and since I was told I'm not alone, I should take the step.
It was a very, very difficult step to walk from the hotel to the door, so I also needed someone I trusted to take my hand and say we would go out together, because without this person I would not have dared. It was an incredibly beautiful event, and I came to the conclusion that I should live out my fetishes more and show myself at more events.

It was an incredibly beautiful event. I made the conclusion for myself, more mine
Live out my fetishes and show myself at more events.
I would like to meet new people who have the exact same problem, such as not being alone
to show other people to offer support and help. And assure them: that it is
is not that bad. The first step is always difficult, but everyone has to start somewhere.
























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