The board introduces itself.

Harald Kuhn
First Chairman

Jens Fiebig
Second Chairman

Treasurer 2.0

Erhard Wohlgemuth
Media and Public Relations Officer

Social Officer

I have been on the board of the M.S.C Hamburg e.V. since 2013.


I always have an open ear for our members and am always available to help and advise.


Thanks to our members and their active support at events such as in Hamburg or Berlin, we can proudly present ourselves.

Hello guys, I support our 1st chairman in planning and preparing events such as leather and fetish parties. 
My goal is rejuvenating the club and its work. The fetish world is constantly evolving and it is my concern to strengthen our club for the future. 
In order to boost our attractivity for new and existing members, we are still actively expanding our events and promoting cooperation with other fetish clubs across Germany and Europe.

As treasurer of the leather and fetish club MSC Hamburg e.V., it is my job to manage the finances of the club and ensure that all income and expenses are properly recorded. An important part of my job is managing membership fees.

Our association collects membership fees to cover the costs of our activities and events, our premises, the costs of equipment and materials and the expenses of organizing events and meetings.

As Treasurer, I see it as my responsibility to ensure that the club's finances are managed transparently and responsibly. I ask all members to pay the dues in January, at the latest in February

I've been MSC's Media and PR Officer since May 2022, responsible for communications and media design. I take care of various conceptual issues and tech support for uor events and presentations.


I want our MSC to vastly improve its presence in public and Social Media.

 To that end, we run our website,. produce and distribute all sorts of print (programme booklets, postcards, leporellos) and host various gatherings and events. On top of that, we put lots of live streams and video recordings of our events online, in the hope of attracting as many men as possible from the leather and fetish scene and getting everyone to attend our events. Ideally, you would then get actively engaged in our club and the general fetish community, get to know like-minded people and have lots of fun while doing so! 

Hi, I'm Günter and I've been a member of the MSC board for some time. I'm responsible for social issues in the association and also for the members.


 Together with the board, we stand for a queer and social orientation of the association. I am looking forward to the new and social tasks that lie ahead of me.

Until then, your Günter ``Social Officer``.


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